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Bollard Covers

St. Paul Sign is a Bollard Cover Supplier in St. Paul Minnesota. You may order bollard covers and have them shipped to you, anywhere in the nation.

We offer Dome Top and Flat Top Bollard Covers as well as many Decorative Bollard Cover Styles. All of our Bollard Covers are eco-friendly and maintenance-free, while improving appearance and visibility in a cost-effective manner. Our wide array of bollard sleeves are designed to fit 3″ to 12″ pipes, depending on the style, and are available in eleven standard colors as well as custom color matching. 

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No More Paint!

When you've determined your bollard cover size and style, you can request a quote using our easy online form

Local? Have us Measure

If your local and want to see your options, we can come to you. We'll take measurements, bring some samples and discuss bollard cover options. Then we can get you the right quote right away.

Highest Quality and Lowest Cost Bollard Covers

Before you go spend a lot of money on cheap bollard covers from some big box supplier, get a quote from us, you may be surpised. We sell the highest quality covers made by the inventor of the bollard cover. The quality at these big box suppliers is generally poor, and also expensive. We can get you covers in 2-3 days in most cases. 

Are Your Bollards an Eye Sore?

You’re not alone. Unfortunately, steel pipe bollards are prone to rusting and not holding onto paint real well, because steel simply doesn’t like to be outside. And galvanized pipe just doesn’t hold paint (see photo). It can become an annual chore to slap some more paint on them, but the paint keeps peeling and the rust keeps coming. The most economical thing to do is to cover them with an attractive cover. It is especially important around the front of a business, or the unsightly bollards can make a business look neglected.

Parking and Entry Bollards are one of the first things a customer or client notices on arrival and the last things they see when departing. So they should look nice! For safety reasons too, it can be important to keep the bollards highly visible with bright colors. Our bollard covers have a 5-year non-fade guarantee.

Cost Effective Solution

A bollard that looks as bad as in the pictures here need a makeover. The freshly paved and striped lot makes that even more apparent. You could replace the bollard or refinish it. Or you could cover it with a bollard and pole cover system. In the long run, bollard covers will be the least expensive strategy and look the best at all times.

Cost of Bollard Covers

Economy 6″ standard bollard covers with 1/8″ thick wall start at only $35 each plus shipping which is only $5 to $9 a cover depending on your distance from the midwest.

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Above: Yellow painted steel bollards rust and fade to flesh tone. 

Below: Galvanized bollards may not rust, but they just don’t hold paint.

Make Them Fabulous!

OK. Maybe “fabulous” is going a little far. Let’s just say It is in your best interest that your bollards convey integrity. When a business puts its best foot forward, it shows the customer or client that they are respected, which garners respect back.

All Colors and Many Styles Available

There are also many decorative styles beyond the dome top and flat top covers you see most often. See the Decorative Bollard Covers page for more designs. Both, our Standard Bollard Covers and Decorative Bollard Covers come in 11 standard colors (see below). Custom color matching is only $50 per order, so it’s cheap if you’re getting a few or more covers.

Standard Bollard Cover Colors

Pantone 6C

Pantone 11C

402 Gray
Pantone 402C

Urbane Bronze
Pantone 2336 XGC

Pantone PQ-440C

Pantone 663C

Pantone 187C

Pantone 173C

Pantone 012C

Forest Green
Pantone 343C

285 Blue
Pantone 285C

No More Paint!

The 1/8″ and 1/4″ Dome Top Bollard Covers are ideal for areas where eliminating the need to paint and enhancing your facility’s appearance is a priority.

Eco-Friendly and Made in the USA

For the eco-friendliness, our bollard covers are manufactured from recyclable plastic and produced in the USA.

1/4″ Heavy-Duty Bollard Covers

The 1/8″ thick-walled standard bollard covers are durable and stand up to most anything. But if you desire heavier duty covers, the 1/4″ Bollard Covers are for you. These covers are also available in any color to match your branding or style needs.

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