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Portable Pyramid Sign Base

Our Portable Pyramid Sign Bases are a great solution when you need temporary or easy permanent signage. They are a very popular way to designate parking spaces for curbside pick up and mobile ordering. Designed to withstand 75 mph winds when properly filled, our portable sign bases will help safeguard your parking lot while increasing visibility.

Fast Quotes

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Versatile Solutions

If you need a parking or traffic routing solution now that you can adjust later, the portable pyramid base is for you. Temporary or permanent, move your signs around at will. Add or remove designated parking spaces as demand changes.

Mobile and 75 MPH Wind Resistant

After an easy assembly, our lightweight plastic sign base requires no maintenance. Moveable concrete bases can weigh up to 300 lbs! So not exactly mobile. Our product weighs just 30 lbs until filled which is great for savings in shipping. After assembly, the base can be filled to reach up to 175lbs! This is how they withstand winds of 75 miles per hour.

Need to Move Signs Often?

The lightweight design of our Portable Pyramid Sign Bases and added wheels option also make it easier for daily employees to move and maneuver the sign throughout the day.

Stock and Custom Signage

We source, design and make stock and custom signage that fits in with your company colors and logo. Please inquire for more details.

Other Custom Features

Sign bases can be branded or have any specified decal applied. That includes customized company logos and branding, as well as standard logos, like handicap accessible logos and construction area logos, are available as well.

Available in 10 standard colors as shown, we can also match any custom color for large quantity orders.


These units cost about $152-$179 each depending on features like wheels, for instance.


These units are typically shipped at a cost of $35-$40 a unit.

We Can Assemble for You

If you are local to the Twin Cities, we will assemble your pyramid bases and signs for $50 each ($100 minimum, fill included). While it is not rocket science to assemble these, it helps to have done a few in order to assemble them correctly. They are most easily filled with water, but in freezing climates, we fill them with pea gravel. When water freezes, it tends to bulge out the base bottom, making them teeter, so it is not advisable in the north.

Portable Pyramid Sign Base Color Chart

PLEASE NOTE: Pole colors are only available in the 9 colors in chart below this chart.
Also Note: Web colors are not always accurate. Please consult a physical Pantone Color Swatch if you need assurance.

Pantone 6C

Dark Gray
Pantone 11C

Pantone PQ-440C

Pantone 663C

Pantone 187C

Pantone 173C

Pantone 012C

Forest Green
Pantone 343C

Pantone 2736C

Pyramid Sign Base Quote Request

Pyramid Sign Base Quote Request

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98" is the stock height. Other height posts are cut for free.
If you don't get sign brackets, you will need to drill holes yourself to hold signage. A single sign needs a pair of brackets. Same-sized signs can mount to the front and back of one pair of brackets. Additional signs stacked vertically on post require their own set of brackets.
Include Wheels? *
A pair of wheels makes it easier to move a base around. Highly recommended if you are filling bases with water, sand or base gel for weight and wind resistance.
Wheeled bases require a pair.
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Portable Pyramid Sign Base Pictures

 Reference # Description List Price
1 30 lb Black Powder-Coated Steel Base with 4' Post $99
2 40 lb Black Powder-Coated Steel Base with 4' Post. 5' Post option - add $10. $129
3 Portable Pyramid Base, Post & Brackets included - without wheels. $152
4 Package: Portable Pyramid Base, Post, Brackets & Wheels. $179

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