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Bollard Installation Service

We Specialize in Steel Pipe Bollard Installation

Curbside Pickup Signs

We design and make the signs and supply the bases. Starting below $200.

Parking & Traffic Signs

Parking and Traffic Sign Installation, Repair and Replacement

Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl Window Lettering & Graphics Designed, Cut and Installed 


Pyramid Sign Bases

With or Without Custom Signs

Pyramid Bases are available in 9 standard colors, or any custom color for only $50 extra per order.

Bases start at $129, and list at $189 with Wheels and Sign Brackets. Significant Price Breaks on 2+ Quantities.

Custom vinyl on white aluminum 18×24 signs start at only $89 for one sign and $59 for each additional sign. Custom signs printed on High Intensity Prismatic sheeting on Aluminum also available.

Exclusive: Instant Estimate on Bollard Installation

Answer a few questions. See estimate. Done.

This sophisticated estimator accounts for steel, concrete and other material costs as well as labor and machinery costs based on time, weights and volumes.

Every project is unique. The numbers are meant as a rough estimate and may be higher than we would quote.

Bollard Installation

Install and/or Remove

We provide Bollard Installation and Removal Services to businesses and organizations, and we subcontract with paving companies and general contractors. Installation of concrete-filled steel bollards in parking lots and sidewalks is our focus. We also install traffic impact bollards in barrier configurations.

Every project is unique.

Give us a call and we can talk about your project. 651-432-4050.

Latest Quote Tool

Pyramid Sign Base Quotes Online

Quickly Get a Quote on Your Pyramid Sign Bases. Choose from the many colors and choose your post height, brackets and wheels options. With your shipping destination, we can estimate shipping too.

Surplus Materials and Used Equipment

Great Deals!

We have surplus signs and sign posts and various used equipment for sale. You can view pricing, ask questions or make an offer on any of it. If you are local, we’ll bring it to you. If not, we can ship it to you. If you aren’t too far from us, you can drive here to pick it up. Or, you can pay us a reasonable fee to drive it to you. 

Curbside Pickup Signs

Customers will cheer!

Custom Signs on Bases Fast

We design and make great signs fast with aluminum and vinyl. We also have the Portable Pyramid Sign Bases that hold the signs. Streamline your curbside pickup process and your customers will cheer!

Traffic Impact Bollards

C40, K4 & K12

Serious protection for people and property. We have 3 ASTM Crash Rated Bollards: C40, K4 and K12. We sell and/or install.

Visit the page to see the CRASH TEST VIDEOS

Graphics, Banners & Signs

Anything is Possible

From sandwich boards to 100 foot long banners saying “GO SAINT PAUL SAINTS!”, we offer all kinds of printed graphics. Whether you need a single sign, or want a seamless design developed over several products, we have the knowledge and creative know-how to provide smart, fast and attractive solutions.  

Bollard Covers

Standard and Decorative

We offer Dome Top and Flat Top Bollard Covers as well as many Decorative Bollard Cover Styles. Our wide array of bollard sleeves are designed to fit 3″ to 12″ pipes, depending on the style, and are available in eleven standard colors as well as custom color matching. Local customers benefit from Free Installation!

Bollard Cover Quote Form

Bollard Cover Quote Form

This form is slick! It lets you pick from all the the different bollard cover styles, sizes and colors and lets you specify custom colors as well. You can add as many cover styles and colors as you want, so it makes it easy if you want a few colors in a couple sizes.