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Steel Pipe and Base Plate Bollards

Pipe and Base Plate Bollards: We have many diameters, wall thicknesses and finishes.

Reflective Curbside Parking Signs

We design and print reflective aluminum signs for curbside pickup, parking lots, sidewalks or indoors.

Pyramid Sign Base

Portable Pyramid Sign Bases

Popular! A great way to solve your sign problems and be able to adjust your parking scheme. We can ship with stock and custom signs.

Bollard Installation Service

We Specialize in the installation of Steel Pipe and Base Plate Bollards. Serving Minneapolis, St. Paul, Greater Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.

Reflective Curbside Pickup Signs

Numbered Curbside Pickup Signs

Customers are Raving

We design and print reflective aluminum signs for use as curbside pickup and in various parking lot applications. Expert Graphic Design is included in sign cost. We print on High Intensity Prismatic (HIP) sheeting which is then applied to aluminum. These reflective signs have the high reflectivity you need in a parking lot, especially at night.

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Portable Pyramid Sign Bases

7 Stars Holistic Healing Center Curbside Pickup Sign

Pyramid Sign Base Quotes Online

Quickly Get a Quote on Your Pyramid Sign Bases. Choose from the many colors and choose your post height, brackets and wheels options. With your shipping destination, we can estimate shipping too.


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Bollard Covers

5 inch Bollard Covers

Standard and Decorative

We offer Dome Top and Flat Top Bollard Covers as well as many Decorative Bollard Cover Styles. Our wide array of bollard sleeves are designed to fit 3″ to 12″ pipes, depending on the style, and are available in eleven standard colors as well as custom color matching.

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Base Plate Bollards

Base Plate Bollards Installed

Heavy & Tough Base Plate Bollards

We have 4″, 5″, 6″ and 8″ Base Plate Bollards in standard and custom heights. These aren’t your thin-walled, light-steel base plate bollards seen all over the internet. Ours come with bollard covers too which, especially outdoors, stay bright unlike other suppliers enameled versions that fade to a dull cream color.

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Steel Bollard Pipe for In-Ground Installation

Steel Pipe Bollards Quoted Fast

Let us give the BEST QUOTE on bollard pipe. We offer all kinds of steel bollard pipe. From 4″ to 12″, Schedule 40 to 80 and more. With your shipping destination, we find the best price by balancing pipe cost with freight prices.

Each page has a Quote Form and chart of all of our pipe offerings.

In-Ground Bollard Installation Quote Form

Loading Dock Door Bollards

Answer a few questions. See estimate. Done.

Answer a few questions and we’ll get you a quote usually within a day. If you’re local, we can set up a time to come see your project in person, and even bring some pipe samples along. If you’re out of town, we may have some more questions for you so we understand your project.

Traffic Impact Bollards

C40, K4 & K12

Serious protection for people and property. We have 3 ASTM Crash Rated Bollards: C40, K4 and K12. We sell and/or install.

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Plastic Parking Blocks

Standard Parking Block in Yellow, Blue, Dark Gray and Light Gray (Green & White not shown)

Plastic Parking Blocks For Your Lot

Our Standard and Heavy Duty Truck Parking Blocks are both virtually indestructible, come with a lifetime warranty and are much cheaper to ship than concrete. The Standard Blocks have 6 color options, while the Truck blocks are always Safety Yellow.


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Geometry Satellite Antenna Services
Minnesota Satellite Antenna Installation Contractor

Geometry: It's all in the Angles!

Geometry Inc. provides Satellite Antenna Installation and 5G Services to the midwest and beyond. At Geometry, we do start-to-finish installations; from concrete to peaking the antenna. We are currently engaged in many activities in support of the clearing of C-band portion for the 5G rollout.