8-inch Schedule 40 Steel Pipe Bollards

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8-inch Schedule 40 Steel Pipe Bollards can be used for robust entry barricades and places where greater protection than 6-inch is desired. They are an affordable, robust pipe ideal for securing building entrances. At around 230 lbs for an 8-footer, they should be set in place carefully with mechanical aids to avoid injury.

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GENERAL APPLICATIONS: The 8″ SCH 40 Pipe might be used to protect:

  • Pedestrians where ever vehicles are present.
  • Critical signage like Stop Signs where if plowed down, could cause minor or fatal accidents.
  • Utilites such as fire hydrants, gas and propane tanks and electrical service boxes.
  • Building entrances from errant vehicles and ram-raids. See Bollard Barriers for Store Front Protection.

AS A BARRICADE: A deep pier footing (48″) installation of 8″ SCH 40 Steel Pipe Bollards is a quite substantial barrier to mid-size vehicles and small trucks. It is probably more invulnerable than the 6″ Schedule 80 due to the larger footing requirements and larger volume of concrete within the pipe. Reinforcing the concrete with rebar, rebar embedding inside concrete filled bollard as well as trench installation of an array of bollards are all ways to further fortify a bollard system against higher speed vehicle impacts. By tying together 8″ Schedule 40 pipes with a reinforced concrete trench, you are creating a several ton system with great stopping capability. But, for more certainty in the barriers stopping force, it is advised to use a higher impact-rated bollard system such as the K4 or K12See Bollard Barriers for Store Front Protection.

VARIETIES: ASTM A500 Carbon Steel Pipe is the common go-to choice for bollards. Although, it is sometimes sufficient to use a structural grade untested pipe. Of course, we also offer pipe that meets various prescribed ASTM and ASME standards. See “Pipe Varieties” below.


Name: 8″ SCH40 Steel Pipe
Nominal Size: 8″
Wall Thickness: 0.322″
Inner Diameter (ID): 7.981″
Outer Diameter (OD): 8.625″ (8 5/8″)
Circumference: 27.10″ (approx 27 3/32″)
Weight: 28.58 lbs/ft
Default Grade: ASTM A500 Grade A
Finishes: Bare Steel, Primed, Galvanized
Primer Colors: Red Oxide, Yellow & Gray


Minimum Pier Footing Diameter: 24″
Auger Size: 24″
Install Depth: 30″ – 48″ Typical
Install Height: 36″ Typical
Bollard Pipe Lengths Available: 6.5′, 7′, 7.5′, 8′ and more
7′ Weight: 200.6 lbs
8′ Weight: 228.64 lbs
Concrete: Volume for 24″ Diameter, 48″ Deep Footing + Pipe Fill is 0.5 Yards
System Weight: 18″ Dia. x 48″ deep concrete pier and 8′ bollard is approx. 2220 lbs


Confused about "Schedule" or "Standard" wall thicknesses? See this short article.


This Pipe may be available in the following types and grades:

Electric resistance weld (ERW), seamless (SMLS), and double submerged arc weld (DSAW) in all published schedules and walls, Grades ASTM A-500 GR A & GR B, ASTM A-53 GR B, ASME SA-53 GR B, ASTM A-106 GR B, ASME SA-106 GR B, AP1 5L X-GRADES, ASTM A-252 GR 1, 2, AND 3, ASTM A-139 GR B, and ASTM A-501.


This pipe may also be available as untested pipe without an ASTM rating. It is then referred to by Diameter and Wall Thickness only; no Schedule #, Standard, XH or XXH etc. Untested pipe can be much cheaper, and is often perfectly fine for bollard applications since the testing is really about pressure testing; how much PSI the pipe can withstand when filled with a pressurized liquid or gas. Bollards are just filled with concrete, so PSI ratings are generally not applicable. Their may be a small or negligable weakness in terms of bollard strength associated with untested pipe.


See bottom of page for all of our pipe sizes and wall thicknesses. We offer 1/8" to 36" Diameters and walls from SCH 5 to SCH 160 XH Extra Heavy and XXH Double Extra Heavy.


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Read our thorough guide on How To Install In-Ground Bollards. Complete with pictures, links and lists of materials, equipment and tools, these step-by-step instructions will help anyone installing bollards.


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