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St. Paul Sign Products

St. Paul Sign offers the following products, to be purchased with or without installation:



It's Who You Know...

Our favorable internet presence coupled with purchasing in quantity and strong vendor relationships, has enabled us to often times give you very competitive pricing. If we can’t give you competitive pricing, we’ll steer you in the right direction. Earning your trust is more important than a solitary sale.

Graphics, Banners and Custom Signs


We have smart and fast solutions for Large/Small Format Banners, Promotional Advertising Flags, Light Pole Banners, Sports/Gym/Stadium Banners/Graphics, Lawn/Yard Signs, Floor/Window/Wall Graphics, Tradeshow Graphics/Backdrops, Sandwich Boards, Custom Aluminum Signs, Logo Items/Apparel and Graphic Design Services.

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Curbside Pickup Signs


We design and make Curbside Parking Signs to make your customers cheer! We supply the bases too. All in just a few days. Providing a number system for spaces is recommended so your customers call and say, “I’m at the curbside pickup space #3”. EASY. Customers avoid confusion, especially when hungry!

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Steel Pipe Bollards

We offer Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 Pipe Bollards in 3″-12″ sizes, cut to length and deburred. We also offer Base Plate Bollards for surface mounting. All bollards may be bundled with bollard covers for added savings. We have dealer relationships that allow us to give you a competitive price. Of course, we off bollard installation too, and you can get an INSTANT ESTIMATE in 30 seconds just by making a few selections!

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Traffic Impact Bollards

To protect people from injury and protect property from damage and theft, installation of crash-rated Traffic Impact Bollards is often necessary. Often installed at building entrances, these bollards can be covered the same way a standard bollard can, and appear no different from the ground up. We sell and install a few different ASTM crash rated bollards designed to stop vehicles of various weights and speeds.

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Bollard Covers

Bollard Covers can be purely functional or can add to the aesthetics of your property.

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Pyramid Sign Bases

These mobile sign bases can be temporary or semi-permanent. Pyramid Sign Bases are a versatile sign solution, allowing you to move, add or delete parking and traffic directives at will. Filled with sand, water or gel, they can withstand high winds, and come optionally with wheels that make them a breeze to move.

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COVID Testing Signage

We want to help.

We are offering generous discounts and very relaxed terms for hospitals, clinics and testing facilities. Let us help design your COVID 19 signage because we KNOW your busy. We supply the bases too. If you are local to the Twin Cities, we’ll assemble and place the sign systems for free.  

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Surplus Materials and Used Equipment


We have surplus signs and sign posts and various used equipment for sale. You can view pricing, ask questions or make an offer on any of it. If you are local, we’ll bring it to you. If not, we can ship it to you. If you aren’t too far from us, you can drive here to pick it up. Or, you can pay us a reasonable fee to drive it to you.

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