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Steel Pipe Bollards Quote Request

This request form is for In-Ground Bollard Installation. For Base Plate Bollard Installation, use the Base Plate Bollard Quote Request Form instead.

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Bollard Pipe Quote Request
If you specify a pipe here, please be sure you haven't selected one in previous field. Otherwise, leave this blank.
A minimum of 6 is required. Please Note: If you are far from the Midwest, we can only consider quoting larger quantities.
Alert: Galvanized does not hold paint worth a darn because it's acts like a non-stick frying pan, so don't choose galvanized if you are hoping to paint pipe. Leave galvanized be, or cover it with a bollard cover, don't paint it!
Structural ASTM A500 Grade A is often typical. Untested and Rejected pipe doesn't necessarily meet fluid pressure tests, but is usually OK for bollard applications that aren't critical.
List variant or ASTM/ASME requirements this pipe must meet.
Also list any ASTM/ASME standards or properties you know you need.
Include Bollard Covers on Quote?
Bollard Cover type may not be available in certain sizes. We will make our best guess if that's the case.
Shipping Destination or Install Location *
Shipping Destination or Install Location
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Shipping Destination Type *
Unloading at Shipping Destination *
You must have a way to receive delivery. Trucks don't usually come with a fork and pipe has to be forked from the side of truck. Smaller pipe under 150 lbs can be offloaded by hand, but the driver may not be happy about it. Note: "Forks" is short for forklift, Lull, Track Loader with forks, Skid Steer with forks etc.
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