We’ll Do the Rest

When we know the height of your bollards, we can cut your covers to the correct height which depends on the style of bollard cover. If they are domed with concrete, don’t worry. We work that tolerance into all the covers we cut.


What You Might Need

  • Tape measure or ruler to measure height and diameter.
  • Sewing tape works well if you want to measure circumference.
  • Pen and Paper or Text App on phone to record measurements.
Sewing tape to measure circumference of pipe

Measuring Bollard Height

Measure bollard height from the ground to the top edge of steel. If it has a concrete dome, ignore that. 

Measuring Bollard Height

Use Highest Bollard

For consistent look with a set of bollards intended to be the same height, find the highest one and use that height for the heights of all the bollard covers in that set.

Measuring Bollard Pipe Group Height

Measure Bollard Pipe Diameter

Rarely, pipe bollards are out of the ordinary. In most cases, you will have 4″, 5″, or 6″ Pipe. These have outer diameters (OD) of 4 1/2″, 5 9/16″ and 6 5/8″ respectively. Your measurements will very likely be close to one of those common pipes.  See the chart below the next diagram for pipe and cover sizes.


Ways to Measure Diameter

  1. If the top of the pipe is flat or close to flat, just measure across the pipe.
  2. If you have concrete domed on top, you can use 2 straight edges to measure the diameter above the dome.
  3. Or you can measure the circumference around the pipe and divide by Pi (3.14) to get the diameter (or just use the chart below). Measure with a sewing tape, paper ruler or by carefully rocking a rigid ruler around the pipe. If you want to print a paper ruler, go to printable-ruler.net.
Measuring Bollard Pipe Diameter

Common Pipe Diameters

Using your diameter (2nd column), or circumference (3rd column) you can determine your cover size in the 1st column.

Nominal Pipe Size & Cover Size

Outside Diameter (OD)

4″ 4 1/2″ (4.5″) 14.12″ (approx 14 1/8″)
5″ 5 9/16″ (5.563″) 17.48″ (approx 17 1/2″)
6″ 6 5/8″ (6.625″) 20.81″ (approx 20 13/16″)
8″ 8 5/8″ (8.625″) 27.10″ (approx 27 1/8″)
10″ 10 3/4″ (10.75″) 33.77″ (approx 33 3/4″)
12″ 12 3/4″ (12.75″) 40.06″ (approx 40 1/16″)

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