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Pyramid Sign Base Quote Request


  • Height: Cutting of sign post is free. They are stock at 98″.
  • Colors:¬†Color Charts are below the form. Note that the sign bases and posts have some different stock colors.
  • Sign brackets:¬†Brackets create a flat, stable mounting surface for signs. They are recommended, but not required. You may drill 3/8″ holes yourself in the sign post. Brackets can have signs attached on the front and back as well. A pair of brackets is needed for the typical two holed sign.
  • Shipping: The shipping destination is required so that we can estimate shipping cost.
Pyramid Sign Base Quote Request

Pyramid Sign Base Quote Request

98" is the stock height. Other height posts are cut for free.
If you don't get sign brackets, you will need to drill holes yourself to hold signage. A single sign needs a pair of brackets. Same-sized signs can mount to the front and back of one pair of brackets. Additional signs stacked vertically on post require their own set of brackets.
Include Wheels? *
A pair of wheels makes it easier to move a base around. Highly recommended if you are filling bases with water, sand or base gel for weight and wind resistance.
Wheeled bases require a pair.
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Portable Pyramid Sign Base Color Chart

PLEASE NOTE: Pole colors are only available in the 9 colors in chart below this chart.
Also Note: Web colors are not always accurate. Please consult a physical Pantone Color Swatch if you need assurance.

Pantone 6C

Dark Gray
Pantone 11C

Pantone PQ-440C

Pantone 663C

Pantone 187C

Pantone 173C

Pantone 012C

Forest Green
Pantone 343C

Pantone 2736C