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We use only the best films in the industry

3M and Gerber Vinyl has the best adhesion and duration available in the industry. Gerber 220 Series is made by 3M. Both are a identical “cast” vinyl products that will not shrink and crack in the elements like calendared vinyl is known for.

Spread the Word

Advertise what you’re all about by putting lettering and graphics in your business’ windows and doors.  Put a list of services offered right up front. A list a great way to tell St. Paul and Minneapolis customers what products and services you offer.  Have you ever read a business window and thought, “Wow, I didn’t know they did that too.”?

Quickly Pays for Itself

With vinyl window graphics, you can say a lot for not a lot of money.  The window advertising pays for itself quickly, and then keeps rewarding you with new customers.

From Classy to Loud and Proud

If you are a high-end fashion shop, you may want a streamlined or cursive font that works with your aesthetics. For a New York style deli, understated won’t do; just big loud and proud text.

Window Lettering on Medical Clinic


Lettering of about 2.5″-3″ high like you see here runs about $20 per line installed for most colors depending on width of the text. For exotic colors and metallics, there may be a small additonal fee. Note that typically, we have a $50 minimum for orders involving installation. Contact us for pricing on product-only orders without installation.

Make Those Connections

What should your current and potential customers know up front? Your customers must know when you are open, how to call you and how to visit your website.

Hours: Posted hours of operation are critical to your business. How many times have you found the internet to post the wrong hours for a business? So much, that they’re hard to trust.

Phone Number: For many businesses, an answering service, voice messaging or taking texts is the best resource to reroute customers when you are closed. A website doesn’t know a customer has just shown up to a locked door.

Website: You’ve spent a lot of money on your website, right? Make sure your customers know about it. Additionally, a passerby may be more apt to visit your website when they have time than to just come straight in that moment.


Any Font, Any Size

Basically, we can do any font at any size. Common fonts like Tahoma Bold or Arial Bold are easy to read and good for basic information. If you want more style, the sky is the limit. And size? 1-1.5″ tall letters might be good for hours. A phone number you may want larger, like 3″ tall. If you want to maximize, let us know your window width. We can go big. You could have “SALE” in 4 foot tall red letters across all your windows!

Any Colour You Like

We use 3M 7725 for our vinyl window graphics. These colors are on the left side of chart.

NOTE: Be aware that colors on your screen are not always accurate.

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