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Traffic Sign Installation & Repair

From simply replacing a damaged or worn sign to installing all the new signs, poles and footings in a new or repaved parking lot, we tackle projects both big and small.


The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) is a document issued by the Federal Highway Administration. MUTCD signs conform to these standards.

Visit the Federal Highway Administration MUTCD website

Sign Options

There are a few aspects of parking and traffic signs to consider when replacing or getting new signs installed. The following list lays out the choices to be made:

  • Sign Quality: Reflectivity and Durability are key points.
  • Sign Size: Many signs like STOP signs come in many sizes, and the size is important for the location.
  • Sign Pole Type: U-Channel or Square Tube. Type of hole perforations. Gauge. Galvanization type.
  • Sign Height: There are guidelines for sign heights, but you might go higher depending on application.
  • Bollard?: Does the sign require a bollard?
  • Footing: If there is no bollard but there is a concrete footing, what are the specifications for the footing?
  • Ground Driven: Some U-Channel signs above curb on ground may be driven directly into ground.
  • Sign Pole Length: The particular type of installation will determine the length of the pole.



Repairing or Replacing Signs

If you need help determining whether to repair or replace a sign or signs, let us give you a hand. Typically, switching out just the sign itself is pretty simple and cheap. If a pole or post is bent, it may be able to be bent back, or cut and sleeved. If it is simply rusty and bad looking, you might consider pole covers. There are covers for bollards too, and bollard and sign cover systems. Visit the bollard cover page for more information.

Sign Pole/Post Removal

There are many ways to remove sign poles or posts. Let us take a look, and we can see what is required.

New Sign Installs

You might be a business owner who needs a single sign put in, or maybe you’re a paving contractor who wants an estimate to install 50 signs. Either way, the process varies greatly depending on the project. Give us a call and we can talk about it.



Want to


Compared to paving or repaving a parking lot, sign and bollard installation is putzy work that slows you down. It might be best to leave it to us, as you probably do with striping.  

  • If it’s a repave, we can remove old bollards and signs before or during milling.
  • We can come in to install new bollards and signs before or after paving and striping.
  • Or, we can do everything after striping.
  • Call for an estimate and get on our spring schedule.

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