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Curbside Pickup Signs

Providing curbside pickup and mobile ordering options for customers has become the new normal. For many types of businesses, it has become vital to streamline this curbside pickup process. Having proper signage is a critical part of this picture.


Cut Vinyl and Printed Reflective Signs

Cut Vinyl: For one to a few signs with a quick turnaround, we use 3M vinyl, cut and adhered to white powder coated aluminum. The vinyl can be beautiful. The 3M vinyl on these signs is said to last 5-7 years without fading or peeling.

Printed Reflective: For higher quantities or if you can wait for a week or two, we print signs on reflective sheeting that is laminated to the aluminum. Visibility is important for curbside pickup, and these signs reflect light just like the signs on a highway. These signs look optimal for 10 or 12 years depending on sheeting used (e.g. Engineer Grade, High Intensity Prismatic, Diamond Grade). Visit our Reflective Aluminum Signs page for more details.


We Ship Nationwide

Florida, California, Washington… Yes, we ship everywhere.

Free Graphic Design

We don’t charge for the graphic design. We’ll vectorize your logo, source your fonts and even send you a mockup of your sign with your quote. No hidden charges.

Designing Your Curbside Pickup Signs

We’ll design whatever signage suits your business and application. All wording, fonts, icons, logos and colors are up to you and we can assist you with those decisions. Let us know what you are thinking, and we can do a mock-up and email it to you. Simply send us an email at sales@stpaulsign.com. Be as general or specific as you would like.

Printed Reflective Signs

The benefits of printed reflective signs over cut vinyl signs are:

  • Full color printing. Vinyl has limited colors to choose from.
  • High visibility at night and in low-light. Vinyl has no reflectivity.
  • More durable than vinyl. They look new for 10-12 years. Vinyl is 5-7 years.
  • Cheaper than cut vinyl for about 6 or more quantities.

Cut Vinyl Signs

The benefits of cut vinyl signs over printed reflective signs are:

  • Faster turnaround for lower quantities. Although printed can be rush ordered.
  • Cheaper for low quantities up to about 5
  • No tesselation of color like you may notice in reflective signs.


Sign Sizes

Any size is possible, but typically it is most economical and fastest to use our stock sign sizes. What typically works well for curbside parking signs is 12×18 or 18×24. These are all we stock for vinyl, but we can get other sizes, although vinyl is about speed, and getting odd-sized blanks takes time. For printed reflective signs, we stock 12×18, 18×24, 18×18, 24×30 and 30×30.   

Sign Bases

The “go-to” sign base that almost everyone is using is the Portable Pyramid Sign Base. We have those below on this page, but we also have a dedicated Pyramid Sign Base Page. For local customers, we also offer rugged black steel sign bases you may see further down the page. We deliver these locally, but shipping we have found is expensive, so we don’t suggest the steel bases to out of town customers.

Above: Reflective Curbside Pickup Signs

Below: Cut Vinyl Curbside Pickup Signs

Custom 18×24 Cut Vinyl Signs

Reflective Sheeting

For curbside pickup signs, HIP or High Intensity Prismatic is about the best reflective sheeting you can use. There is DG, or Diamond Grade, which is a little more money, but that degree of performance is hardly necessary unless you need to see your signs clearly from a 100 yards away! You can also step down a notch to EG, or Engineer Grade Sheeting. This is also a solid choice. But HIP is only a fraction more in cost and has much more reflectivity, so we like to use that.

To the right is a close up of what HIP sheeting looks like. From just a few feet away, you don’t notice the prismatic pattern.

Up Close: High Intensity Prismatic HIP

Cut Vinyl Colors

With vinyl, you have the color of the vinyl(s) and the white of the sign. The vinyl is usually in 2 colors, but may be 3 or more, within reason. It shouldn’t be layered as all vinyl adhesive should contact sign surface. Instead, different colors are cut and applied along side each other, ideally with a planned crease between them because it is difficult if not impossible to lay down different colors exactly next to each other.

We use 3M 7725 for our cut vinyl sign graphics. These colors are on the left side of chart below.

NOTE: Be aware that colors on your screen are not always accurate.

Click Here To Download PDF (8MB)

Cut Vinyl 18×24 Signs on Pyramid Bases

Portable Pyramid Bases

These Pyramid Bases are the most popular choice for Curbside Pickup Signs. Wheels are certainly necessary if you are going to fill your base with water or sand and would like to move it easily without a two-wheeler dolly. It’s not just the wheels you are paying for. The base itself is a bit different, having threaded inserts for the wheels to be bolted on.

Base Colors

Available in 9 standard colors to match your company colors, see the chart below. If you can’t find the right color, we always suggest black. Black looks good with anything.

Mobile and 75 MPH Wind Resistant

After an easy assembly, our lightweight plastic sign base requires no maintenance. Moveable concrete bases can weigh up to 300 lbs! So not exactly mobile. Our product weighs just 30 lbs until filled which is great for savings in shipping. After assembly, the base can be filled to reach up to 175lbs. This is how they withstand winds of 75 miles per hour. 

Need to Move Signs Often?

The lightweight design of our Portable Pyramid Sign Bases and added wheels option also make it easier for daily employees to move and maneuver the sign throughout the day.


Other Custom Features

Sign bases can be branded or have any specified decal applied. That includes customized company logos and branding, as well as standard logos, like handicap accessible logos and construction area logos, are available as well.

Available in 9 standard colors as shown, we can also match just about any custom color for a reasonable extra charge. Please note that poles are only available in the 9 colors as shown in the “Pole Color Chart” below. They are not the same standard colors for the bases. Basically, the poles are not available in green or orange, but are available instead in Light Gray and Silver.

We Can Assemble for You

If you are local to the Twin Cities, we will assemble your pyramid bases and signs for $40 each ($100 minimum, fill included). While it is not rocket science to assemble these, it helps to have done a few in order to assemble them correctly. They are most easily filled with water, but in freezing climates, we fill them with pea gravel. When water freezes, it tends to bulge out the base bottom, making them teeter, so it is not advisable in the north.

Portable Pyramid Sign Base Color Chart
PLEASE NOTE: Pole colors are only available in the 9 colors in chart below this chart.
Also Note: Web colors are not always accurate. Please consult a physical Pantone Color Swatch if you need assurance.

Pantone 6C

Dark Gray
Pantone 11C

Pantone PQ-440C

Pantone 663C

Pantone 187C

Pantone 173C

Pantone 012C

Forest Green
Pantone 343C

Pantone 2736C

Pole Color Chart
PLEASE NOTE: Poles are not available in all the same colors as bases above.
Also Note: Web colors are not always accurate. Please consult a physical Pantone Color Swatch if you need assurance.

Pantone 6C

Dark Gray
Pantone 11C

Light Gray
Pantone 430C

Pantone PQ-440C

Pantone 663C

Pantone 187C

Pantone 012C

Pantone 2736C

Pantone 877C

Portable Pyramid Sign Base Pictures

Black Powder-Coated Steel Bases

Note: These are sold only to local customers typically. The freight is usually too expensive. If you are local, we’ll deliver them for free.

These Black Powder-Coated Steel Bases come in 2 models: 30 lb and 40 lb. The 40 lb also has 3 holes in the base if surface mounting is desired with lag screws, anchor bolts or stakes. Both are a great low-cost solution for curbside pickup as they are easily moved and have a lower profile and smaller footprint than our Portable Pyramid Bases.  Also, we always have these in stock; a plus for local customers needing a quick solution.

They come with a 4′ post, but a 5′ post is available for an extra charge. We recommend only using 5′ post with 40 lb base. The 30 lb base may get too tipsy.

30 lb Black Powder Coated Steel Sign Base – $89

40 lb Black Powder Coated Steel Sign Base – $119

 Reference # Description List Price
1 30 lb Black Powder-Coated Steel Base with 4' Post $99
2 40 lb Black Powder-Coated Steel Base with 4' Post. 5' Post option - add $10. $129
3 Portable Pyramid Base, Post & Brackets included - without wheels. $152
4 Package: Portable Pyramid Base, Post, Brackets & Wheels. $179

Vinyl 12x18 Custom Sign - White Aluminum Powder-Coated - 1 or 2 Colors of Vinyl


Vinyl 18x24 Custom Sign - White Aluminum Powder Coated - 1 or 2 Colors of Vinyl.

7 12x18 Additional Identical Signs Quote
8 18x24 Additional Identical Signs Quote
9 All Engineer Grade Printed Reflective Signs Quote
10 All High Intensity Prismatic Printed Reflective Signs Quote
11 All Diamond Grade Printed Reflective Signs Quote

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