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Dome-Top Bollard Cover Cut Length Calculator

Note that most purchasers don’t need this tool. We cut them for you!

You send us your pipe heights and desired height, and we do the rest of the figuring. It might be useful though for planning if you have a very tall pipe and want to see what works.

Dome-top bollard covers can be installed over a variety of round steel bollard pipe sizes. This calculator will give you the minimum total height to the top of dome at which the the cover can be cut. If you are cutting multiple covers and want them all the same (this looks best), use the height of your tallest pipe. Then, increase your result to give at least a little play, or a few inches if desired. Ideally then, you would cut one cover and verify that it fits over the tallest pipe. Finally then, cut all your covers to that height.

Remember: Measure twice and cut once!


  • You only need to click submit if you are emailing yourself the results. 
  • All entries must be consistent in unit of measure: inches, cm, mm etc.
  • Use decimals for fractional sizes: 0.125 = 1/8, 0.25 = 1/4 etc.
  • “Pipe”: Round Steel Bollard
  • “Cover”: Dome Top Bollard Cover
  • “ID” and “OD”: Inner Diameter and Outer Diameter

Confused about Pipe Sizes?

Nominal pipe sizes are given by their inner diameter (ID) while nominal round tube sizes are given by their outer diameter (OD). So a 6″ inch pipe might have an OD of 6.5″. “Nominal” means “in name only”. Like when you buy 2x4s, you know they aren’t actually 2″ by 4″, but 1.5″ by 3.5″. Yes, with round tube, the nominal size is the same as the outer diameter. But with pipe, as you would think, the concern is with the volume of a fluid that could flow through it, so it is of lesser concern what the OD is. Wall thickness for tube is given by it’s gauge, while the “schedule” of the pipe is the indication of its thickness. The higher the schedule, the thicker. But unlike the gauge of tube which is the same wall thickness for all tube sizes, the wall thickness of a pipe depends BOTH on it’s nominal size AND schedule. So a pipe the Schedule 40 in a 4″ Pipe will be a different wall thickness than a 6″ Pipe.

Click here for US Standard Pipe Sizes on Wikipedia


Dome Top Bollard Cover Length Calculator
Length at cut (i.e. height) is measured from the very top of the dome in inches.
Only fill this out if you want this data emailed to you.
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