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Bollard Installation Quote Request

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Bollard extends almost to the bottom of the footing but does not touch subbase.
Square cuts and cores are usually about 4"-6" wider than footing diameter. Core Drilling costs A LOT more than flat sawing and is only recommended when necessary.
For an anti-ram barricade, the bollards are best installed in a common trench instead of each having an independent pier footing.
Have any sign-in-bollard configurations? Enter how many of the total bollards get 2" x 2" 12 ga. Galvanized Perforated Sign Posts embedded in the bollard centers. Specific signage will be determined upon quote, but will be sold to you at cost including shipping + $20 per sign installed. See safetysign.com for pricing on signs. That's who we use for the best prices.
Default value of 8.5 feet ensures bottom of an 18" tall sign is at least 7 feet off the ground. Adjust to your tallest sign and clearance requirements. Having 6" extra is good, as the final cut happens after installation.
Visit https://goo.gl/maps/7JAovQejr6NXG54P8 to find your distance from St. Paul, MN. Travel charge is $1.00 per billable mile each way. First 90 miles each way are free.

WARNING: Distance less than 90 miles from St. Paul is considered local. Please adjust.

Round footings are at least 3 times diameter of pipe. Trench width will vary by application.
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